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Trusted News

Authentic, trusted news from around the world and analysis of developing news. Our teams of journalists, editors, and freelancers provide round-the-clock coverage. We produce content for online and traditional media outlets which reach every corner of the earth.  Comprehensive coverage of breaking news and featured stories direct from our news desks is what we're known for.

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Market Analysis and Intelligence

CanGlobal Media offers cutting-edge solutions that deliver new and exciting insights into existing channels. Our technology and partnerships provide exciting innovative ways to find new relationships and discover untapped channels. Technology is at the centre of everything we do - let us guide you.

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Immersive content

With TheConsumR.com we've become the destination and the source for technology news, advice, and reviews. We use industry-standard technology, market-leading software, and in-depth insight to deliver powerful user experiences. We use the technology and services we cover to create immersive user-experiences.